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The Culinary Historians of Boston is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the history of foodways. The group meets monthly during the academic year for lectures. Each year ends with a participatory banquet devoted to a historic time and place. Members receive a newsletter with announcements of future meetings, accounts of previous ones, notices of new books and other items of interest.
The culinary Historians of Boston welcomes new members. Annual dues are $45 per person and $15 for students. Non members will be charged $5 per meeting which may be applied toward memberships. Membership forms will also be available at each meeting.
Please download the CHOB Membership Form 2015-2016 (or select and print the form below), fill and send it along with a check made out to the Culinary Historians of Boston,
to: Agni Thurner, President, Culinary Historians of Boston, P.O.Box 381926, Cambridge, MA 02138.
Please print.

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