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This section has a lot of construction to do, and we want to get copyright permissions from our speakers over the years. We're starting with two newsletters where our own members were speakers. Articles are copyright by the Culinary Historians of Boston and the original authors. They are posted here for scholarly use and for the entertainment of Internet readers only. Any republication in this or any other medium without permission of the copyright holders is strictly forbidden.

Note that newsletters are in Adobe Acrobat format.

  • May, 1997 "Keeping House: Women on the Pennsylvania Frontier, 1790-1850" by Virginia Bartlett; notes on garum; modern recipe for Lou Pissala (coulis of salted fish).
  • November, 1997 "Vegetables; Food of Necessity or Food of Choice in Renaissance and Medieval France," by Nancy Stutzman; "Chowder," by Linda Bassett; "Collecting the Literature of Culinary History," by Andrew Smith.

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